Before Earthquake and Wave of Tsunami Indonesia shake around Coastal coastal area of West of North Sumatra specially Acheh and archipelago of Nias, this team have often research into to growth of areas which is area inner potential of tourism of north Sumatra, specially Archipelago of famous Nias with As fluent as its surfing that is Sorake Beach. Pursuant to result of its direct research it Archipelago of Nias represent area which is isolate where its life still reside in under poorness line. As for local resident living that is covering : Agriculture, Plantation, Fisherman and Ranch but all the that managed manually with SDM (human being resources) which is very concern. Condition of road as a means of transportation very less adequate. Between one area to other area need long time caused by the lack of transportation medium and also the condition of muddy and damage bridge and road. Archipelago of this Nias we still find many countrified very isolated like : Lasara Bagawu, Sisarahili II, Lahewa, difficult so that reached. Resident there have to volunteer walk during 5-6 hour to go through market center as sales place of their agricultural produce. Beside that, the Sanitation Water very difficult obtained so that they have to usefull Irrigate river for everyday life. This matter cause local society of easy to disease. Earthquake with power of 8,9 SR which later invite Storm of Tsunami sweep the major region of South Nias on 26 December 2004 ago. Seven District covering : Afulu, Lahewa, Mandrehe, Sirombu, Teluk Dalam, Sisarahili, Pulau-pulau Batu dan 33 and villages such as : Desa Afulu, Lauru Fadoro, Sifaaoro’asi, Faekhuna’a salonako, Kelurahan pasar Lahewa, Desa Mo’awo, Sihene’asi, Lasara Bagawu, Sisarahili II, Lasara Faga, Onolimbu Raya, Onozalikhu You, Yumorifaga, Fadoro Bahili, Itaono Gambo II, Onolimou You, Hiliseromi, Sirombu, Pasir putih, Sorakeh, Bawozihono, Silima’ewali, Sipitu’ewali, Lasondre, Hiligeho Sogawu, Balogia, Bawola Winda, Saeru, Hiligeho, Sialema, Zuwaso, Simuk, Lambak (Pulau Pini). Where most spread over around coastal coastal area of Archipelago of Nias totally ruined then. Most society in cloistered Sub-Province which nowadays still insulation effect of the disaster noted as patient of biggest victim from 7 District. Estimated by counted hundreds of people expressed to defeated and thousands of people noted to become spread over refugee is evacuation to evacuate place. Thousands of crop hectare , Coconut, Rubber, Sapphire plantation of people, and ranch and also agriculture as source of hard damage society living fundamental effect of sweeped Waving Storm of Tsunami. This Matter result palsied totalize their economics of society of South Nias. Ironically this condition also go in serious condition by its difficult of medium, transpotasi land as broken by Transportation facility since big Pasca Tsunami. Part of disaster areas have to be gone through walked so that can be reached. Whereas transportation of passing land road felt by some of citizen very limited effect of its minim amount of competent land transport to be used. One of the alternative to trace earthquake victim areas and of Tsunami is by renting vehicle with of costly which expense enough is. Practical of this is area very depended to handling area of centred by disaster is evacuate place able to pass by. Other loss which resulted by storm and earthquake of Tsunami this namely destroy thousands of resident houses go in seroius condition its some school physical plant resulting process learning and teaching to be desisted is total. that damage also happened in health mediums like : Puskesmas and Clinic. Society very difficulty in getting service of health specially to all natural disaster victim hardly injured and lightly injured. They are difficulty get medication of its minim effect of handling place of health, medical energy and required medicine so that society was very easy to get disease. Earthquake and storm of Tsunami the also punch religious service buildings like Mosque and Church. Altogether fall to pieces and flatten with ground. And so it is with clean water medium still very minim. Victim natural disaster heaping evacuation in tents that stand need of clean water. Effect of limitation of the clean water result its gristle is condition of health of society so that they is easy to incidence of all disease type. This matter of course more and more make serious of condition of all natural disaster victim. Whereas aid which have been channelled till now still very less adequate not yet earned to reach entire natural disaster victim. ARCHIPELAGO OF NIAS RETURN SHAKE EARTHQUAKE of PASCA HUGE EARTHQUAKE 8,7 SR 28 MARET 2005 Super earthquake with power of 8,7 SR return shake archipelago of Nias-North Sumatra on 28 March 2005, 23:09: 37 Wib clock. Hard Condition happened in Gunung sitoli and entirety of Archipelago of Nias. Thousands of people expressed to defeated, thousands of bodily injury and estimated by around 80% building fall to pieces to flatten with ground. At least hundreds of people still piled up by building ruins and some of shut-in in the ruins in life condition. Thousands of citizen which living in gunung Sitoli evacuate to hilly through the street especial the than Mount of Sitoli connective entire countryside around archipelago of natural Nias destroy hardly, broken and barst joint streets effect of that earthquake. That road break so that access the single air transportation medium and also land in Nias total broken. Water around of edge of Island coast of Nias seen ebb as a result society immediately possible make a move far from coastal boundary, caused by of worry of resident of possibility come storm of Tsunami second after event 26 December 2004 then. As for estimate of BMG ( Institute of Meteoroli and Geophysics ) show that strength of earthquake is 8,7 SR. And earthquake have location: 2.0930 LU, 97,0160 BT, 2,5 Km ( 125 Miles ) Northwest of Sibolga, 245 Km ( 150 Miles ) South-West Field, 535 Km ( 330 Miles ) Southwests Confluence Mud of Malasya, 1410 Km ( 880 Miles ) North-West of Jakarta and also deepness estimated : 30 Km ( 18,6 Miles ) under surface of earth NB : The Data obtained from source of United Geological Survey ( USGS) Situation of refugee after earthquake is very concerning. Condition of society in this time stand in need of requirement of fundamental in the form of food and beverage and also medicines. After earthquake destroy the life of society of Nias their very difficult to obtain food and beverage. Aid to be channelled by evacuation placed till now still very minim and is limited. On that account them very is expecting of aid as soon as especially requirement of food and beverage and also medicine. Nias Island in this time very requiring thousands of tents as emergency place to continue process education of children of pasca earthquake with power of 8,7 of SR last 28 March. Process teaching and learning that regional children desisted by effect of destruction of hundreds of schoolhouse. Final exam to student of SD non impossible delay if its condition not yet possibly for that Pursuant to result of monitoring in Nias, North Sumatra, to the number of damage school building or fall to pieces to result school activity cannot be executed. This matter, for example happened in State SD (primary school) 07-0975 Mount of Sitoli, State SMP (junior Hight School)1 Gunung sitoli, and State SMA (senior Hight school) 1 Gunung Sitoli, though some Headmaster urge all pupil so that strarting to go to school on last 4 April, but till now still is slimmest of incoming pupil to the school. Most student and teacher only siting on yard because their school building destroy hardly. A number of other schoolhouse of Crack, that palced pupil in very dangorous if residing in room. Regional more than anything else that still not yet freed from supplement earthquake. Almost every day supplement earthquake rain archipelago of Nias. A number of incoming student to their school state that they still fear to enter class room because still trauma of the effect of earthquake two week ago. Besides, the oblique and barst class rooms also snagt feel concerned about if used for process learn to teach. All student of Gunung Sitoli expect tents facility which can be used to learn to with. In a condition like in this time, tend very required education to children of Nias can immediately continued. To be required by thousands of tents because most schoolhouse in Nias have destroyed is hard. obtained data, in Sub-Province of Nias there is about 600 schoolhouse start from level of SD till SMA. just Building of SD there is about 415 unit. Mostly experience of hard damage and very dangerous if used for activity learn. So that process learning and teaching emergencyly can start, every school required at least 10 tent or for that Sub-Province is required by about 3600 tent. Fairish tent 7×5 that metre is] expected can accomodate 20 student to learn. To be expected as soon as possible tend that there are, so that student can immediately learn. Earthquake Pasca two week ago, Nias island almost every day happened supplement earthquake. According to Isntitute Meteorology Geophysics data ( BMG ) Gunung Sitoli until yesterday noted by 770 times supplement earthquake, and 123 times among others can be felt by citizen of Nias. That thing cause care and also misgive island society of Nias will the happening of Tsunami or bigger earthquake to engulf island of Nias. Earthquake of Pasca wave and earthquake of Tsunami which with power of 8,9 SR 26 December 2004 caught up with earthquake of pasca earthquake of huge which with power of 8,7 SR 28 March 2005 which have totally ruined entire Archipelago of Nias. Till now peole of archipelago of Nias very expecting an offer for peace in the form of aid to entire party sides which wish to assist to lighten lament and grief of their crying. Till now people of Nias still weep. They are absolutely require help as soon as possible. …….. give hand for Nias ….!!!! As for its aid form able to be channelled that is covering 1 Rice – various food Ø Clothess 2 Equipments of school 3 Equipments of household 4 Mineral water 5 medicine: 6. tent If enabling to reconstructing namely: development of earthquake victim houses, Schools, Puskesmas / health, Mosque, Church as religious service place. The aid also can be channelled in the form of material to account number which have been provided by Social Workers Team. With this report is we are on behalf of Social Workers Team as mediaisasi link natural disaster aid victim aid process archipelago of Nias expect presumably whoever which wish to assist goodness is individualness, Institute, Company, Organizational and to the naming State, so that immediately deliver aids in whatever form. All kind of procedure in the case of delivery of such aid such as those which above we have draw up / handle better start from government officer of Beacukai in Port of Belawan and Institute of Satkorlak handling natural disaster victim aid distribution allocation permission and wave of Tsunami North Sumatra until the aid channelled by evacuate / resident of natural disaster victim archipelago of Nias. On that account we expect good cooperation so that immediately possible deliver aids in whatever form able to lighten burden grief of natural disaster victim. Till now earthquake victim in Archipelago of Nias still very requiring the help them …..the victim of disaster in Nias …..!!!! We are ( Social Workers Team) hope this report can comprehend. At attention and cooperation, we say thank you we hope this can continue immediately possible. THANK YOU. Social workers team, before has a legal body has existed in making the research about Nias island, and a few of the member used to a tourist guide that often bring tourist to Nias island because Nias island was famous surfying place in Indonesia and abroad. And a few other is the graduated that has experience in social event and organization. We are the generation that believe that every us can’t live without the other, “THEY ARE US AND WE ARE THEM”. That was the report that we get e few week ago. And we have spread it to the funder that still need information about Nias island. At the first research we done with the personal financial without care that we also need so much personal need, but it doesn’t matter if we still survive and in health condition and still can life now and at least tomorrow and also still can help them that the worthy thing for us. For all of our brother that can read this information, right now we still have to do the research about them (our relative “the victim of disaster”) to know about their condition after get a little hand from us and our brother “funder”. And also to know what still they need right now, because until to day some of them still live in evacuate tent, a kid still difficult to follow the teaching and learning process because of their education tool such books, pens etc has lost. The research was very informant to do to follow up our first research, but as a human that just has heart, spirit and energy to do this research, it not enough, because it all need the financial to do that because from Medan to Nias is very far distance, at least about 19 hours by the car. Whereas we don’t have the car, we just rent it when we do the research at the first time, but now we have problem with financial, and it never done as successful without your hand and support. Please ….. give your support.. to do this research to help our brother the victim of disaster……… Note : 1. Thank you for our brother “kenneth” that give hand for us in the first research, your help was very help us. Thank you. 2. All the data will give you (The responder/all funder) as you give your response to us. 3. Never send about thing and money before contact us before. 4. The number of our account will send to you if you really want to help as, because Indonesia is number two in the world about cyber crime, so that we won’t show our account here. 5. please confirm us if you want to know what kind that still their need or the aid that they need in Nias island before send the aid. You can contact us in email : and phone number : +6281362065870 and +628153184247 we will pleasure to give you information and hear your support Thank you our brothers/si


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