the kinds of Batak Clans (pembagian suku batak)

Sub of batak clan can be divided into six part there are:
Name of sub clan ———The area that they occupy————-Note

  1. Batak Toba —-Kab. Tapanuli Utara, Tengah, half of selatan— They admit as the origin of batak.
  2. Batak mandailing —- Kab. Madina, Pekantan half of sumatera barat, muara sipongi. — Half of them didn’t admit as bataknese
  3. Batak Angkola ——— Kab. Tapanuli selatan, (sipirok,padang lawas), Padang.sidimpuan ——- Still admit as bataknese
  4. Batak Simalungun———– Kab. Simalungun, Pematang siantar, Half of Deli Serdang and Asahan.——— Still admit as bataknese
  5. Batak Pakpak ——— Kab. Dairi, Kab Pakpak barat, Half of Tapanuli Utara, half of Aceh Singkil ——- Half of them didn’t admit as bataknese
  6. Batak Karo —- Kab. Karo, Langkat Hulu, Serdang hulu, And half of Aceh Tenggara. —— Half of them didn’t admit as bataknese

    These are the number of batak that know by people as general, but after make a research, so, there are many batak more that are:

Name of sub clan the area that they occupy
1. Batak Pesisir —- Pantai Barat between Natal and Singkil
2. Batak Melayu —- Pesisir timur melayu
3. Batak Nias —- Kab. Nias and surrounded
4. Batak Alas and gayo — Aceh selatan, tenggara, tengah.

That is the historical of the bataknese and the sub clan of batak and its disseminate, by the Batak Toba version, that of all come from one culture and one district. But the historical that written by the Batak Tobanese didn’t accepted by the sub clan of it batak self, that is can proof by the critical and decline that written by the other sub clan of Batak. The sub clan of batak also has the written about they historical, on the contrary the admit that they neither bataknese and sub clan of batak, and they have no relation with bataknese.

These are the reason of their decline about bataknese :

  1. the appearance of acknowledge that they are not bataknese because, each of sub clan of batak already has historical self such as how about their ethnic and where they come from, what is theirs’ great grand father’s name, and how they Victorian and when their clan turn up and growth. This fact caused of their proud to their clan, and they admit that they are more glorious than the other and they are older than the other, all of that can evidenced by the relic that stayed in their district so they admit because of that they are neither bataknese or sub clan of batak. That statement usually told by the bataknese that didn’t admit thay are batknese or sub clan of batak
  2. he decline of called batak also appearance by misunderstanding to definition about bataknese, among the people who has Islam religious, they often identify that batak with the Christian, and they also identify that bataknese always eat pig, whereas pig is the forbidden for the Moslem, that is the fact that bataknese has much people with Christian religious, but, there is no relation between batak and Christian, batak is the name of clan or ethnic, and Christian is the name of religious, in batak also has people with islam religious like in Tapanuli Selatan, in Mandailing, and in Angkola,etc. because of the misunderstanding there so much of bataknese like in Kab. Asahan, Labuhan batu, etc not admit that they are bataknese. And the want not to use they family name or clan name, and even some of them aknowledge that they are Malay, but actually all of as acknowledge that batak is the name of ethnic and Christian is the name of religious.

But from both reason, the base reason for them that didn’t admit bataknese is the reason number one, in this case the Batak Toba has admit that they are bataknese that come from Siraja Batak and they are the oldest than the other and the other clan come from them, if the other thing that they are not the bataknese there is no reason that there is no relation one each other, like Simalungun, and Mandailing or Pakpak clan with Karo.

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