skripsi : An Analysis on the Politeness in Indonesian Adress System

Benny Hardy : “An Analysis on the Politeness in Indonesian Adress System” .
A Thesis :

The objectives of this research was to describe the politeness system in Indonesia and in English, especially the object of the study is to investigate similarities and dissimilarities of two languages especially about politeness address system that use in the interrogative and imperative sentence. The data were obtained from the text books which is available to be data that search in district library and UMSU library, and then the data put in whole of paper read it and then listen each other and then compare and analyzed, the method that use in this research was contrastive and descriptive method, the technique in analyzing data was descriptive pronoun in both of language, classifying and describing differences and similarities. The finding shows both languages have similarities and differences polite address system such as the place and the using of the pronoun and we can see that Indonesia more polite in using pronoun than English.

(mau isi hubungi


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